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  Anonymous User
  Sunday, 23 April 2023
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Hello there, I'm currently creating a big data based worksheet which includes several different formulas and cell reference formulas for dates and other data. One of the most difficult formulas or conditional formatting to create is to find how to change the text or value colour in a cell referred to another cell in another worksheet. Example: I have a date in cell C2 in sheet2 which is cell reference of a date in cell B2 in sheet1. Now, how can I make cell C2 to change colour text or value (not the cell colour) when I change in cell B2? Because currently if I change the date in B2 and highlighted in red it only changes the value in cell C2 but not the colour.

I will really appreciate if anyone could give me a hand with this.

Many thanks!!!!
12 months ago
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12 months ago
Hi Amanda,

Thank you for you response. Unfortunately, I tried the method explain in Viepyr case but it didn't work for me.
Please the attached example where the date highlighted in red in sheet 1 doesn't change to red in sheet 2.
or maybe am I missing or entering wrong part of the formula?
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