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  Monday, May 30, 2022
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Hi support,

Does Kutools have a tool to Combine multiple worksheets into one worksheet (not multiple workbooks). I am aware of the help links to combine multiple workbooks but that is not what i am looking for.

I have one workbook with 42 worksheets. I want to combine all the date of the 42 worksheets into one worksheet.
2 years ago
Hi Amanda,

I created a test with 2 sheets in the same workbook.
Sheet 4
Name Year Score
Manus 1970 51
David 1964 64

Sheet 5
Name Year Score
Judy 1970 52
Stuart 1964 42

I can not get this to work. The combined sheet keeps giving me this Remark:Following worksheets are unprocessed because the range that needs to be merged is empty:Sheet4; Sheet5
2 years ago
Hi there,

I tried the data you were given, the feature worked ok. The steps below is how I did this:

1. Under Kutools Plus tab, find the group Workbooks & Sheets. Click Combine.
2. Select the first option, then click Next.
3. Select the worksheets that you want to combine, then click Next.
4. In the Step 3 of 3, please select Combine by row for Combine mode; Set 1 as number of header rows and 0 for number of total rows (total rows mean the row that sums the values up). And pick the options you need for other sections. See screenhot:
combine sheets into one.png
5. Click Finish, and save the newly combined sheet anywhere you like.
6. A pop-up dialog asks if you want to save the scenario, click Yes or No.
7. Now, a new worksheet is created showing you path to the combined sheet. You can just click it to see the sheet.
combine sheets result.png

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