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  Thursday, October 05, 2023
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Hello ExtendOffice,

I'm sick and tired of this! I have been torturing myself with Kutools Outlook for an hour.
!!! I have to work and no time to mess around with incorrectly programmed installation routines !!!!
All their products I have bought. I use the performance capabilities maybe 5% of the time. No matter, I want the best and I pay for it. Do I need Enterprise? Never, but I buy Enterprise for completeness.
Yesterday, I updated from Kutools Excel 28 to 29 without uninstalling version 28 first. No problems, the registration remained.
Then I did the same with Kutools Outlook. From version 16 to 17.
License code or username wrong. What a nonsense!
Then I thought it might be due to the brainless, long registration key with wraps in PDF format.
Then I put this into plain text format, removed all breaks.
Nothing helped!
Then I uninstalled Outlook with Revo-Uninstaller Kutools, removed all leftovers.
Of course, now the settings I made are gone too. Many thanks too!
Then Kutools Outlook installed again. I could have saved myself the trouble!
Exactly the same game, wrong name or key.
No matter how powerful their software may be, their installation routine is underground!
You should think about whether it is worth to use such a registration key, with which their own software does not cope.
Where do we go from here?!

I wrote this yesterday, We 04.10.2023 22:08
Till now, no answer, no ticket!
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